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How to Keep Your Dog Cool In Summertime

As we head into the summer, there’s lots of potential for some paw-some outdoor fun and playtime with your pup. However, it’s also very important to make sure that you’re prepared and know how t...

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Achieving a Confident Puppy

When most people get themselves a new puppy or rescue dog, they are reminded of the importance of having a well-rounded social dog.  A dog that can be taken places without the distress that it will r...

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Your Pet’s Ideal Weight

As pet care professionals, we are lucky enough to meet and care for pets of all different shapes and sizes. We see giant breed dogs, right through teacup-sized pooches, fluff ball cats and teeny tiny ...

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How To Introduce Your Dog To A New Partner

Helpful tips when introducing your dog to a new partner is to initially make sure that your new partner acts and behaves normally around your dog. You want to make the experience as positive as possib...

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