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Cat Behaviour and Care

In the pet care industry, dogs regularly manage to find themselves on centre stage. They are busy, active, noisy, and often very social. Because of this, they are focused on and studied more than most other companion animals. However, in many facilities around the world, cats take up a huge space in both pets and pets requiring care when owners are taking leave. There is an enormous network of feline fanciers and professionals who dedicate their life to making living with a cat more enjoyable for both parties and understanding many of their behaviours.

Glenn had the great fortune of interviewing Cat Psychologist and renowned expert, Jules dos Santos as she shares her professional and personal career into the cat kingdom and how she started her amazing luxury sole purpose cattery, Divine Creatures. Jules discussed with Glenn some of her key considerations when sending your cat away to be cared for and how you can help making that process so much easier with less stress. She also discussed how other professionals in the industry can help raise the bar by learning more about cat behaviour and improving the conditions and services available for cats

On top of being a very busy and successful woman, Jules additionally is very active in cat welfare and rehabilitation and has a foundation that supports this cause called, Ninth Life foundation which can be found here – https://www.ninthlifefoundation.org. It’s a charity that is worth our consideration as there are many cats that are deserving of a loving new home.

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