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Cat-Friendly Indoor Plants

Are you a cat owner with a true love of indoor plants? Us too! Indoor plants can bring so much beauty to your home and really freshen up a particular room. But before you head off to the nursery and stock your shopping trolley full, read this article, as not all plants are cat-friendly!

Cats are quite inquisitive animals, so if a new plant or flower appears in their home, they’re probably going to want to investigate. But never fear, there are still some fantastic cat-friendly indoor plants you can use to spruce up the interior of your home. Here’s our top pick:

This perennial flowering plant is the perfect cat-safe indoor foliage, with a light green narrow leaf boasting a white stripe down the centre. As the plant continues to grow, little ‘spider-like’ bunches will develop on roots which grow from the mother of the plant. The best bit? These plants are super easy to look after!

One of the more common species, the Boston Fern, will make a lovely addition to most spaces. These plants are a bit trickier to keep happy, but once you get it in the right area with the perfect lighting and humidity, you’ll have a happy fern and cat!

These larger indoor plants are currently all the rage. Figleaf Palms are a great option for cat-owners who want to opt for a larger indoor tree. These trees will help you to indulge your interior design skills and make your home look Instagram worthy.

Tip: Prune your Figleaf Palm to keep it at a manageable size for indoor display.

Looking for a pretty flowering plant to add to your home? You’re in luck! Phalaenopsis orchids are stunning and cat-friendly. The Phalaenopsis orchids keep their flowers for months, are easy to take care of and can add a touch of style and grace to your interior.

This list isn’t exhaustive; thankfully there are many other plants out there that will add a touch of style to your home and keep your cat feline good. Other indoor plant options include bamboo and certain types of succulents. However, be sure before you bring any type of plant into your home that it is cat-friendly, because who knows what your cheeky friend might get up to while you’re at work!

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