A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Confirmation Conditions

Opening Hours

  1. Visit our resort locator and select your resort to see the relevant opening hours – petresortsaustralia.com/resort-locations/.
  2. We recommend that all pets are booked in throughout the morning to give our staff time to feed and settle them in, Monday to Saturday.
  3. Before or after hours pick up and drop off services are strictly prohibited for the safety and well-being of our guests and employees. These conditions are not negotiable.
  4. In the event our services are rendered outside of our office hours, a fee will be payable in the amount of $350 per hour outside of opening hours (minimum 1 hour charge). The option to offer any service outside of our office hours remains at the sole discretion of the company.



Vaccination, Microchip & De-sexed Requirements

  1. All dogs must have at least a C5 vaccination, all cats to have at least a F3 vaccination. No refunds or credits will be given should these not be up to date by time of booking.
  2. If your pet is not properly vaccinated, they cannot be accepted for boarding, therefore your pets stay with us will be cancelled. If a booking fee has been paid and your booking is to be cancelled due to lack of vaccination, no refund will be granted unless your booking meets the requirements of our cancellation policy below.
  3. To ensure that we offer your pet the best possible care, a current vaccination certificate must be produced for each pet on admission to the resort, showing that the vaccination was done within the preceding 12 months and that the due date for the next vaccination has not been passed.  Vaccinations MUST be given a minimum of two weeks (14 days) prior to boarding, to ensure full immunisation is guaranteed before entry to Pet Resorts Australia. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable that you check all vaccinations as soon as possible.
  4. All pets are required to have up to date vaccinations including complete puppy and kitten shots. See below for more information.
  5. We have to verify that the vaccinations are current, and we need you to present the current vaccination certificate either before or at the time of boarding.

Pet Vaccinations continued

All puppies or kittens must have had their full course of vaccinations and be 2 weeks after their 3rd and final vaccination before they can board with Pet Resorts Australia (generally they are about 18 weeks old).  If vaccination has lapsed then these pets must undergo a vaccination program like that of an unvaccinated animal, i.e., 2 vaccinations (C5 or F3) a month apart. 2 weeks after the 2nd shot, they are then able to board with us at Pet Resorts Australia.  Note: If vaccination is overdue, but less than 30 days from due date, exceptions can be made at the Resort Managers discretion only in accordance with the following – (injectable vaccination, 14-day isolation period), (intranasal vaccination, 48hrs isolation period), (Oral vaccination, 24hr isolation period)

Payment Terms & Conditions

Booking Fee & Refund information and conditions

  • A 40% booking confirmation fee of your pet’s total stay is required upon making a booking. Your pet’s stay cannot be confirmed until the booking confirmation fee is paid. Please note: ALL bookings require the booking confirmation fee to be paid at the time of making the booking.
  • The booking confirmation fee is not refundable; however, we understand not everything goes to plan. If more than 30 days cancellation notice is provided, we will gladly transfer your booking fee as a credit to your pet’s next holiday (valid for up to 12 months).
  • If cancellation notice is not provided within 30 days of your booking, you will forfeit 50% of the booking fee and the remaining 50% we will gladly credit to your pet’s next holiday valid for up to 12 months (these conditions are not negotiable).
  • During the Christmas and Standard Rate periods, the booking confirmation fee is non-refundable or transferable if 30 or less days’ notice is provided.
  • All Doggy Day Care bookings cancelled within 24 hours are not refundable. If more than 24 hours cancellation notice is provided, a credit will remain on your account for future use.
  • All credits are non-refundable and will expire after a 12-month period.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Please note that the prices we provide are an estimate of your booking and that there may be a price rise before your booking comes around. Any increase in your booking order will only be between 50c to $1.50 per day, per pet increase. Prices may increase each year to keep up with CPI and our increasing costs.
  • No refunds will be offered for early collections.
  • If a refund is granted, an administration fee of 15% of the refund amount is charged (refund processing time is up to 14 weeks).
  • By making an application for a refund the customer acknowledges and accepts that the payment of any refund is done as an ex-gratia payment at the sole discretion of PRA.
  • Any extensions to the original accommodation period will be paid at the time of extending the stay.
  • Terms and conditions of accommodation are emailed to you prior to your pet’s stay. No refund will be accepted should you not agree with our terms and conditions at check-in.
  • Payment options include Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card.

Payment Options

  1. Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos, Cash & Online.

Other Important Information & Conditions

Other information and conditions

  1. Please do not leave collars/leads/toys etc, as we do not take responsibility if lost, soiled, or damaged.
  2. {name} supplies all premium pet foods, bedding, and toys. If you still wish to send any items with the pet, they will need to be clearly named and {short_name} will not be responsible for any items damaged, soiled or lost. Please no large items e.g., beds, suitcases etc.
  3. Any food sent with {pet_name} will need to be packaged in a spill proof type container, clearly labelled with your pet’s name and the quantity to be used per day. Any tinned food must be individually labelled.
  4. Food sent with dogs must be packaged in daily serving sized portions (e.g.zip lock bag/ freezer bag). Storage and corkage fee applies.
  5. All medication must be clearly marked as to frequency and amount and in its original vet packaging. Medications incurs an extra charge.
  6. Please note: Pet Resorts Australia is not responsible for your pet’s coat while they’re staying with us. This includes matting, knotting, smell, etc. The resort offers a complimentary hydro bath on departure, but grooming, if required, is only offered as a fee for service at owner expense.
  7. A minimum seven-day charge applies to all bookings in the Christmas and New Year Period.
  8. A minimum six-day charge applies for the Easter Period.
  9. We highly recommend that all pets are covered with flea and tick (including paralysis tick) prevention for the duration of their stay. If your pet is staying longer than the covered period, please bring along another treatment so that we can reapply it on the appropriate day.
  10. Please inform us of any health conditions or relevant information regarding your pet prior to and on arrival.
  11. Your dog must be on a leash and cat in a carrier on arrival and departure from the resort. Please note, sibling cats must be in individual (not shared) carriers.

Pet Taxi Information

Van Run important information (if you have booked this service)

  1. If a drop off or pick up has been organised from one of Pet Resorts Australia’s agents the collection & delivery times will be sent out the day prior by an SMS notification. Home collections can be organised however we are unable to organise for any set time.
  2. Pets being collected from one of our pickup locations must be dropped off no later than 9am.
  3. PLEASE, be sure to allow yourself 10 to 15 min to check your pet in at the drop off location for reading paperwork or alternatively save time and pre sign your contract of boarding simply by logging into your portal.

If Vet Treatment is Required

Should your pet need vet treatment during your pet’s stay at our resort we will:

  • Try to contact you on the contact numbers that you have left (it is your responsibility to leave us contact numbers)
  • Should we be unable to contact you we will make the decision in the best interest for the pet acting within the terms of the boarding contract.
  • The pet will be taken to the vet of PRA choice unless told and noted by the client on the bottom of the boarding contract to take to a specific vet.
  • All vets’ bills will be required to be paid by the pet’s owner as per the contract of boarding.
  • Should your pet be taken to PRA’s choice of vet a fee will be charged for transport and time spent at vet. (Est. from – $55.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hours or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • Should you request to have your pet taken to a vet of your choice for treatment PRA will charge a cost for transport starting at (cost depends on vet location and time spent at vet) (Est. from – $55.00 transport, $25.00 labour, $15.00 van sterilisation. After hours or public holidays will incur a surcharge)
  • It is at the discretion of PRA to have the vet come to the resort to treat the pet and vet travel is to be paid by their owner as per boarding contract.