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Doggy Daycare and Why It Is More Important Than Ever Before

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, from your teeny weeny Chihuahuas to your giant Great Danes. They also have completely different personalities and energy levels, even brothers and sisters from the same litter can be a complete contrast from one another! On top of all that, they also have different traits and characteristics that come with their respective breeds: Do you have a German Short Haired Pointer who spend all day on the hunt for birds or lizards?  Or perhaps you have a quirky little Pug who refers to eat, poop and spend the rest of their day sleeping peacefully in your lap?

In saying this, all dogs do have one hugely important thing in common: They all need daily exercise and entertainment to remain happy, fulfilled and balanced family members!

So, ask yourself this question: am I providing my dog the level of exercise and stimulation they require, and that I promised to provide them when they became a member of my family?

If you feel you might be lacking in this area, try not to feel disheartened.  Providing our dogs with this much needed activity can be difficult, particularly for families with busy work, school and lifestyle commitments. It can be tough finding the motivation to get up early or head out after work to walk or train your dog – heck, in winter it’s hard enough to get ourselves out from under our blankets to brave the chilly outdoors! Unfortunately, this inactivity can result in our dogs becoming bored, anxious, clingy and remaining absolutely full of beans… leaving them to take matters into their own hands and find ways to entertain themselves. Have you ever come home to find your plants scattered about your lawn, or found holes so big you would think your dog was making its way to China? Have your neighbours complained about excessive barking while you’re at work?

Pet shops are littered with a range of different durable and interactive toys that seek to challenge your dog, while providing a rewarding and fun experience at the same time. From food mazes to balls that hang from stretchy cords you can tie to your tree, there are plenty of options for you to try out, and which you can put on rotation for your dog so he/she has something different and interesting each day.

You can even put together your own safe, home made versions that barely cost a thing! Using every day household throw-aways such as empty toilet rolls, old socks or used plastic bottles, you can fashion funky toys – fill them with dry treats or freeze them with chicken-stock flavoured water in summer. Get creative: the sky is the limit!

Alternatively, an absolutely amazing option would be having your dog booked in for regular sessions at doggy day care. First and foremost, doggy day care provides you with absolute peace of mind that your dog is in safe hands and being supervised throughout the day.  Are you concerned about how your dog is coping? No problem! A quick phone call and you can be reassured that your dog is safe, staying out of trouble and having a ball.

Think of all the health benefits doggy day care also provides. Non-stop playing and FUN will keep your dog moving, shedding any unwanted calories and keeping your pooch fit and healthy. Day care centres often have bridges, tunnels or ramps to run over or through, which can also seek to build  confidence of new surfaces and situations in a fun and friendly way. Not only that, the interaction your furry buddy will have with his/her pet carers and playmates will give them priceless social interactions in your absence. As pack animals, dogs just LOVE being around others!

Doggy day care centres even deliver the convenience of pet shuttle services, who transport your pets in a safe and comfortable manner.  This means that even if you become unwell or snowed under with work, you don’t need to leave home and your dog doesn’t miss out.

Last but not least, with your dog amusing itself away from home, your plants will be safe, your lawn will remain in one piece and your neighbours will be left in peace!

Lynette Prichard

Training Supervisor
Canine Evolution

(02) 9651 1747