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The Effects Of Diet On Dogs Behaviour

In episode 3, we sat down with Narelle Cooke who is an accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, practicing not only with people but largely with people’s pet dogs. The episode focuses on the effect of diet on dogs’ behaviour and how what you feed your dog can have a huge effect on their overall health and wellbeing.

We felt this would be a suitable topic of discussion for pet carers and even pet parents because of the impact stress can have any time you change your dog’s environment, such as taking your dog to a dog boarding facility. Stress is entirely normal in low doses, and it will be something any species, (including us) will endure over a range of different environmental changes. Because a change of environment can and will cause a layer of stress to your dog, we talk about all the preparation you can do to ensure that is at the lowest possible scale.

This is where Narelle’s expertise comes in with her understanding of this field as she helps guide you through some of the areas of feeding programs, supplements and lifestyle choices that will help your dog live its best life.

Narelle has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (with honours) from the University of Melbourne, she worked for over a decade as a Research Pathologist before moving into the field of Regulatory Affairs for a global pharmaceutical company. It was in these roles that Narelle gained a deep, first-hand understanding of the effect that pathogens, environmental toxins and food production techniques have on our food, our bodies and consequently – our health.

It was this knowledge that led her to complete additional qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, and Western Herbal Medicine, including a Bachelor of Health Science, and to begin her journey as a natural healthcare practitioner for both people and pets.

After listening to the episode, if you want to contact Narelle to speak to her more about her courses, services, and canine supplement range, you can do so by visiting:



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