A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Facilities For Cats

Relax… Your Pet Is In Good Hands

Cats thrive on a calming environment of love and comfort

We know cat owners are very particular when it comes to the care and the well-being of their cats which is something we pride ourselves on at Pet Resorts Australia.

We want you to enjoy your holidays too, knowing full well that your cat is settled, safe and happy with people who will love them, as much as you do:

Activities marked with an asterisk ( * ) available at our Terrigal resort only. Please specify which location you would like your pet to stay at when booking.

  • Large areas for cats to move around
  • A team of caring animal lovers who will take excellent care of your cat
  • Five-star accommodation *
  • A beautiful view of the Terrigal resort and award-winning gardens *
  • Nutritious, premium meals or choose your own menu for your cat*
  • Something to scratch and climb on
  • Cuddles in the room from the staff
  • Extra treats

Speak with us during your booking to let us know any of your cat’s quirky characters so we can ensure a fun stay for your beautiful cat.