Feline Food

At Pet Resorts Australia we believe in only the best feline food for all our guests.

We also appreciate some cats have become used to being served other foods in addition to their basic kibble, so below you will find an extensive menu from which you can choose for your cat. After all you know what your cat likes to eat and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Check out our delicious ‘extras’ kitty menu below!



  • Fancy Feast – 85gm $2.00
  • Fresh chicken mince – $2.50 p/100g
  • Fresh roo/beef mince – $2.50 p/100g
  • Salmon – $3.50 p/100g
  • Tuna – $3.00 p/100g
  • Rice – half a cup – $2.00
  • Pasta – penne, bow ties, macaroni – half a cup – $4.00

Main meal

  • Salmon and rice/pasta – salmon 100gm served with a half a cup of rice – $6.00
  • Tuna and rice/pasta – tuna 100gm served with a half a cup of rice – $5.00

Drink menu

  • Milk – Kitten Milk warmed – $2.50 per 50ml