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Playtime Activities For Cats

Cats can have fun too!

Relief of boredom and anxiety is paramount for our Feline friends.

Cat lovers know how curious their cats are, especially those of us who have the Burmese variety.

With this in mind, we know how important it is to provide some much needed stimulation to ensure our kitty’s in care have a memorable and enjoyable time.

Our staff do their utmost to ensure that your cat has a ‘happy habitat’ where life is interesting, comfortable and of course, well fed.

If you’re wanting that extra time and care for your cat, why not book in a 30 minute personal play session, where your cat can stalk a pretend mouse on a string like a Lion hunting in the Savannah.

Or if that doesn’t suit your needs, perhaps just a ‘one on one’ cuddle and a gentle brush.

Talk to our friendly reception about something we can do to brighten the day of your cat.