Checking In For Dogs

Before your Dog’s Arrival


Once you have made a booking we’ll email your pet’s full itinerary and transport details. Meantime there are just a few things you need to do before checking in.

All Pets Must Be Vaccinated

Before arriving at Pet Resorts Australia all pets must be vaccinated. Just like people need to be vaccinated before travelling to some countries all pets that stay with us need to be vaccinated too.

Your dog must have a current yearly Canine 5 (C5) vaccination including the new intranasal Canine Cough vaccination. This vaccine covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo virus, Parainfluenza (flu) and Boardatella bronchiseptia (Bronchitis).

This helps ensure your pet’s safety and wellbeing. You will need to show the vaccination certificate from your vet on the day you leave your pet with us.

Please do not leave vaccinations to the last minute, as they may take up to 14 days to take effect.

Must Apply Bravecto, NexGard, Advantix or Frontline Plus Prior To Your Pet Staying With Us

Fleas and ticks are not only a nuisance – they can be very uncomfortable for all animals and in really bad cases – make them very sick.

Pet Resorts Australia highly recommends and prefers Advantix. For a small fee we can apply the product to your dogs: $20.00 for small dogs / $25.00 for large dogs. This product protects your pet for 14 days.

We do not accept flea or tick collars. Proban is an acceptable preventative measure, however, it is treated as a administered medication so a charge of $4 will be added for administration every 2 days as per the instructions.

Is Your Pet Currently Taking Any Medication?

We are more than happy to look after your pet’s medical needs during their stay with us at Pet Resorts Australia. We do of course consider the accurate recording and administration of medications a high priority, and as such we can only administer prescription medications as per the vets written directions on the label on the bottle.

We cannot accept prescription medications in any other container or with any other instructions.

Please note that Pet Resorts cannot deviate from these instructions as directed by the prescribing vet. If you, as the owner advise us that the dosage has been altered, please take the time to get this detail verified by your vet prior to checking in at Pet Resorts.

If your pet is on medication that is related to serious medical issues, this MUST be disclosed in full prior to your booking, as some conditions may require a different level of care we may not be able to provide.  Please discuss this with the booking receptionist.

We charge a $4 fee for each medication or additive to the pet’s meals.

If your pet is taking non prescription drugs such as vitamin supplements, we will of course make sure they continue on their course. We will simply require that you initial beside the description and dosage written on the booking form.

Some Dogs Are Better Staying In A Single Room

We know from experience that some dogs prefer to be alone.
They may be nervous of other dogs or not as well socialised as others.

Additionally certain breeds are required to be in a single room. An additional fee applies for this service.

Veterinary Care While Staying at Pet Resorts?

We like to be prepared for any emergency no matter how big or small.
Please read our terms and conditions of veterinary care carefully.

Special Dietary Requirements

There are many reasons to keep feeding your dog the same diet as you do at home.
Likewise your vet or pet nutritionist may have advised you to keep feeding certain food/s.

If your pet requires an extra meal there is a cost of $4.00.

All our canine guests are fed in the afternoon – if your dog requires a morning meal instead of an evening feed, please let our reception know upon booking.

Your Pet’s Own Bedding

We already provide comfy beds for our pooch and kitty customers. However, if you would like to bring in your own bedding you are more than welcome at our Terrigal Resort only.

Please note that Pet Resorts Terrigal does not take responsibility if these items are lost, destroyed by other pets staying in the facilities, or left behind.

Booking Fee

Once you have made your booking with us we require 40% of the total estimated booking fee paid within 7 days.

The remaining 60% of your booking fee needs to be finalised on check in.

Things To Remember To Bring With You

  • Current Vaccination Certificate – our friendly staff can let you know what vaccinations your pets need
  • Tick prevention is essential for all pets staying at Pet Resorts and must be reapplied every 14 days
  • Contact Phone Numbers and Emails – in case of emergency or questions
  • Details of special medication – plus enough medication to last the duration of your pet’s stay

We reserve the right to refuse entry to un-desexed pets. Females in season cannot be accommodated during peak times and will need to be discussed with resort manager during off peak times.

For more information please call the office.

When you check in

All fees are payable on arrival at the resort so please be ready to make payment when you arrive.

Leaving your four legged best friend isn’t always easy!… so we try to make it easier for you both, so say your goodbyes at home, and allow your pet to settle in as quickly as possible.

Our friendly Pet Care Attendants will look after your pet as if he/she was their own, and help them quickly get used to their new quarters.

And don’t forget to let our staff know of any special or unusual characteristics your pet may have.

For example: 
* Behavioural problems / fence climbers / persistent barking / special diets / phobias (lightning or storms etc) / fear biting / past or persistent medical problems / Medications, especially for serious conditions.

When you arrive, make sure you keep your dog on lead at all times (even if your dog does not usually wear a lead).

This is essential for the well being of all our guests, big & small.