Doggy Day Care

Your Pups at Play Everyday!

Are you busy working long hours and too tired to take your dog for a walk when you get home? Doggy Day Care at Pet Resorts Australia is your answer.

Your dog thrives on stimulated activity throughout the day to stay happy and healthy. If they are stuck at home with no-one around to aid their energy levels, they may turn to inappropriate or destructive behaviour around the home. So, let them enjoy plenty of fun and interactive activities with us and all their fur-friends here at Pet Resorts Australia!

A Typical Day of Doggy Day Care

Morning Play

Play-yard time!

Imagine the absolute delight on your pup’s faces after being unleashed into a big grassy field with all their friends for up to 45 minutes of fun!

Individual Attention

All individual needs are attended to – lots of cuddles, kisses and any snacks you provide for the day. Or, how about adding in some training to improve their manners? Our Canine Evolution trainers can break up their day with 40 minutes of training. Starting from only $25.

Rest Time

Back in their rooms, your little angel will have some important rest time. Rest time teaches your fur-kid to manage and control their energy levels. It is crucial for dogs to have time out from playtime, like children, they need to recuperate, as a full day of constant exercise and play can cause extreme exhaustion.

Afternoon Play

By this time they are up and itching for their second round of playtime!

The Summer months mean POOL TIME at our Terrigal location! Possibly the best time ever for some pooches – if your little one isn’t fond of water we can tailor their friend group to suit them and what they enjoy most.


We settle your fur-baby back to their rooms for down time after their afternoon zoomies!

Home Time

Your dog unwinds until you are ready to pick them up or they are transported home to you in our safe and secure Doggy Day Care Pet Taxi.


Sometimes, you can get carried away with work or home duties, so you’re welcome to let your fur-babies enjoy a sleepover with their fur-friends. Accommodation costs apply.

Last but not least, with your dog having a ball away from home, your plants will be safe, your lawn will remain in one piece and your neighbours will be left in peace!


Dural: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6pm, Saturday – 8am – 4pm

Terrigal: Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm, Saturday – 8am – 4pm
First Day Assessment Fee + Full Day$70$70
Full Day
(+5 hours)
Full Day including Pet Taxi to/from Home
(+5 hours, within 15km of resort)
Full Day including Training Session*
(+5 hours, 30min training session)
Half Day
(5 hours or less)
10 Half Day Pass
10% Discount
10 Day Pass
10% Discount
10 Day Pass including Training Session*
10% Discount
Personal Swim Session at Terrigal
15 minutes of low – moderate exercise in our 14-meter long lap pool. The ramp in and out of the pool is a gradient of 11 degrees, designed for safety and comfort of all, but especially those rehabilitating from an injury or surgery

*For more information on Doggy Day Care & Training please speak to concierge or head to