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Dog Training

Our dog training is provided by Nationally Accredited Trainers from Canine Evolution.

While your dog enjoys some rest and relaxation at Pet Resorts Australia why not brush up on their obedience skills or sort out those bad habits once and for all.

There really is no better way for a dog to spend their time in the kennels than having some quality instruction from some of the finest trainers right here in Australia.

Dog training will not only go on to introduce some valuable new manners or even tidy up some old rusty behaviours, it will also give your dog mental and physical stimulation during their time with us. Believe us, your dog will thank you and you too will enjoy the new and improved lifestyle with your dog.




Essential Obedience Training (7-20 days)$41 Daily
Enhanced Obedience Training (21-34 days)$39 Daily
Expert Obedience Training (35+ days)$37 Daily
Top Up Training$31 
Enrichment Training$28 
Initial Private Lesson (1 hour)$195 
Maintenance Private Lesson (30 minutes)$120 
Private Home Consultation$310
Doggy Day Care and Training plus Socialisation (Assessment Needed)$85
Doggy Day Care with Training$80 

See more information at canineevolution.com.au
or speak to our friendly receptionists.

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