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Frequently Asked Questions

This can vary depending on your dog and the training style he or she is best suited to. For example, some dogs progress better with shorter sessions and others in longer sessions for better focus. We’ll always tailor to your dog’s training plan for best results.

We prefer you don’t visit your dog during their stay as it can be distracting to the development of your dog. This can hinder training development as the dog may step back with regards to their training. What we recommend as the best option is to send you an update where you can see what your dog is and how they are or alternatively, give us a call to check in whenever you like!

Being dog owners ourselves, we understand how hard it would be to not have you companion there, however we want to ensure we’re reuniting you with your dog at their best potential.

Absolutely, we will keep you updated throughout the training process. We will send through weekly updates including photos and videos of your dog’s progress!

Depending on your dog’s behavioural issues and training plan! For example our Stay & Train packages offer accommodation along with training for more complex issues.

Otherwise we have other popular options like Doggy Day Care and Training where your dog enjoys a day of fun plus training sessions and can head home at the end of the day. We can always find a training plan that fits you and your dog’s needs best.

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