A friendly notice that we will have a price increase from the 1st July 2021. Please be sure to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Group Obedience Classes

Group Obedience Classes

Socialisation and Training at the Same Time

Group classes are a fantastic environment to learn new skills, work through distractions and learn tolerance and socialisation in the company of other dogs.

Our group classes are designed for dogs of all ages and temperaments. We can help you train your new puppy or correct some not so good habits in older dogs.

Group classes are also a great follow up to our ‘Stay & Train Programs’.

We recommend a 5-week training session to get the most from your dog and make it worth your efforts.

During our group classes we cover the following:

  • Best equipment for your dog
  • How to walk nicely on lead without pulling your arm out of its socket
  • What heel means and how to teach it
  • How to do a correct Sit
  • Learn the technique of how to do a Drop (Lay down)
  • Teaching how to Stand still on command (Great for vets, grooming etc.)
  • Stay in position, even with distractions
  • Come back when called
  • How to interact with other dogs calmly

Dural Group Classes

We are running popular sessions at our Dural Resort.  Classes commence at 9 am. Classes run every Saturday rain, hail or shine as we have suitable indoor and outdoor facilities. Classes do not run during our National Dog Training Federation Program. Dates for the program are released in advance to class attendees.

To find out more, phone one of our trainers at Pet Resorts Australia Dural on
(02) 9651 1747 or trainatdural@canineevolution.com.au

Terrigal Group Classes

6 Week Obedience Classes from $150 and run for roughly 45 minutes each class.

To find out more, phone one of our trainers at Pet Resorts Australia Terrigal on
(02) 4367 1200 or trainatterrigal@canineevolution.com.au