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Stay and Train

Stay & Train Packages

Dog training provided by Nationally Accredited Trainers from Canine Evolution

A happy dog is a well-trained dog

While your dog enjoys some rest and relaxation at Pet Resorts Australia why not brush up on their obedience skills or sort out those bad habits once and for all.

We will put together a personalised training plan for your dog based on your feedback and your dog will receive their specialised training every day during their stay.

There really is no better way for a dog to spend their time in the kennels than having some quality instruction from some of the finest trainers right here in Australia. Training your dog will not only go on to introduce some valuable new manners or even tidy up some old rusty behaviours, it will also give your dog mental and physical stimulation during their time with us. Believe me, your dog will thank you and you too will enjoy the new and improved lifestyle with your dog.

When it’s time to leave, you can join us at the training centre to watch your dog show off their new skills with their trainer and then join in for a run through with your new and improved dog (well the same one, just a better behaved one).

Hundreds of happy clients have enrolled their dog in our training programs and are raving about the results. Why not try it yourself? You don’t even have to go on a holiday to have your dog stay and train with us!

Our available training packages are:

Essential Obedience
1 week

Great for short stays and tidying up known behaviours. Many of our clients at Pet Resorts Australia enrol in this course to keep their dogs mind active and to sharpen up some of their obedience.

Enhanced Obedience
3 Weeks

Our most popular program by far has to be our Enhanced three week course. A great program for cleaning up obedience or even for a dog that has no real knowledge of obedience and needs somewhere to start. Our trainers are more than happy to do the initial hard work and proudly show off the end product. This course is great for:

  • Eliminating lead pulling
  • Learning to heel on lead
  • Drops and drop stays on long leads
  • Coming back when called
  • Working on distractions and issues

Some of the foundations of developing the best from your dog.

Expert Obedience
5 Weeks

The Expert course is brilliant for really cementing in the newly learned skills and taking the dog to a higher level towards total off lead control.

This allows our trainers to intensively work with your dog over the entire 5 week period to develop a far more reliable, happy dog. We have a saying that a well-trained and well-socialised dog is a happy dog, and behind every happy dog is a happy owner and their trainer.

We’re here for you anytime to discuss what we can do to make your life with your dog an even better one. It’s what we love and we do it well.

See more information at canineevolution.com.au or speak to our friendly receptionists.