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How To Introduce Your Dog To A New Partner

Helpful tips when introducing your dog to a new partner is to initially make sure that your new partner acts and behaves normally around your dog. You want to make the experience as positive as possible for both your dog and new partner, so if your new partner is nervous or scared, rushing an introduction could be damaging to the relationship.

You want to be able to control every outcome so having your dog on lead is recommended, as long as the lead is long enough that if the dog wants to retreat it can.

In a developing relationship you want your dog to think that your new partner is fun, so make sure you have your new partner loaded with treats that your dog likes. Allow your dog to approach your new partner on its own terms and be sure to reward all confidence shown. Only encourage interaction with your dog if your dog is showing all signs of wanting to engage with your new partner.

Should your dog become shy or nervous don’t push it and don’t reward it, as It may result in your dog becoming defensive. In addition, if your dog is over the top, avoid contact until the dog has calmed down and is behaving appropriately which can always be rewarded.

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