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Let us take care of your pets if your home has been damaged

Have you ever thought about what you’d do with your furry friend if your home suddenly needed major repairs? Between the noise, strangers traipsing in and out, and potential hazards, keeping your pet at home during renovations or emergency work can be stressful for you both. Rather than dealing with the hassle, why not treat your faithful companion to a little vacation of their own?

Pet Resorts Australia is the leading organisation in pet boarding and luxury accommodation with a priority on making sure your furry or feathered friends feel right at home when they stay at any of our wonderful resorts. From private suites and play areas to grooming, training and recreational activities, a pet hotel like Pet Resorts Australia provides everything your pet needs to feel comfortable, safe and entertained in your absence. Best of all, our services are covered by most home insurances if the damage to your home happened by an insured event (For more info on that, check out our article, Did You Know Your Home Insurance Covers Emergency Pet Accommodation?, and always check with your provider). In any event, we’ve helped out plenty of occasions when rough times happen by giving pets a place to relax while home isn’t the safest or most comfortable.

Next time your home needs work done, do yourself and your pet a favour. Book them into a resort-style pet hotel for the duration of the repairs so you can focus on the job at hand. Your pet will get a relaxing getaway in a home-away-from-home environment. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re well looked after, happy, and waiting to greet you when the work’s complete.

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Why a Pet Hotel Is Needed During Home Repairs

When your home suffers damage from events like fires, floods or storms, the repair process often means your pets lose their usual space and familiar surroundings for a while. Sending your furry friends to a pet resort or pet boarding facility during this time ensures their comfort and safety.

Also, if you and your family have to seek alternative accommodation, it’s not always easy to bring Fido along. If that’s the case, or you simply think your property isn’t up to scratch for pets (broken fences, flooded yards, debris, etc.) pet accommodation provides your pets with a holiday-like experience with premium amenities and 24/7 care. At pet resorts like Pet Resorts Australia, your pets receive spacious suites, comfy bedding, regular exercise and play, and meals prepared by experienced staff. No need to worry about walking, feeding or cleaning up after your pets—it’s all taken care of.

The Benefits of Pet Boarding During Home Repairs

Pet hotels & resorts offer certain advantages over leaving your pets at home during renovations or repairs:
Their experienced staff are equipped to handle pets of all types with specific needs. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds or reptiles, your pets’ wellbeing is the top priority.
By removing pets from the stressful environment of home repairs, you avoid risks like escaped pets, accidental poisonings, noise phobias, and injuries. Your furry family members stay safe and secure.
With pet boarding, your pets maintain their usual routine of walks, play, grooming and meals. Their vacation experience minimises disruption and provides mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy.
Peace of mind that your pets are in capable, caring hands lets you focus on managing repairs. You can visit often, but you know their daily needs are met by the dedicated staff.
When disaster strikes or home renovations loom, pet hotels like Pet Resorts Australia help ensure your pets stay happy, healthy and cared for. Your home may be in disarray, but you can rest easy knowing your furry family members are enjoying a relaxing pet-cation.

Does Home Insurance Cover Pet Boarding During Repairs?

Let’s take a closer look at how home insurance can cover you and your furry friend in times of need.
One thing a good policy will account for is temporary lodgings for your pets if things take a turn. Say an emergency accident occurs like a pipe bursting or you’ve just experienced a natural disaster and suddenly home is unfit for humans and hounds. Don’t stress, most home insurance policies will cover temporary accommodation for your pets until it’s safe to return home.

Do You Need Pet Insurance to Capitalise on This?

No. While pet insurance is a fantastic service to capitalise on, your standard home insurance should be enough as long as the damages sustained by your home are an insured event.

Benefits of Sending Your Pet to a Pet Hotel

Sending your furry friend to a pet hotel while your home undergoes repairs has some major benefits.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your pet is in good hands will give you peace of mind during an already stressful time. Pet hotels like Pet Resorts Australia are staffed by caring professionals trained in pet care. Your pet will receive round-the-clock care and attention in a safe, controlled environment.

Reduced Stress

Loud noises, strange people coming and going, and changes to their environment can stress out even the calmest pets. At a pet resort, your pet will stick to their normal feeding and walking schedule in familiar surroundings with other friendly pets and people. Their stress levels will remain low, so they won’t act out or suffer health issues due to anxiety.

Fun and Games

Pet resorts provide mental and physical stimulation to keep pets engaged. Your pet will get to participate in activities like puzzle games, treat dispensing toys, swimming, walking, grooming and play. They’ll make new animal and human friends and get plenty of affection and belly rubs. It may end up being a holiday for them too!


Dropping your pet off at a pet boarding facility means not having to find alternate accommodation for them. If your home has become uninhabitable, it’s not always easy to find alternative accommodation that caters to them. Even in the off chance you can find a hotel that allows pets, they will probably feel more comfortable in a dedicated pet resort instead.

Your pet’s meals, walks, medication and any special needs will be handled by the caring staff. You can focus on managing the home repairs without worrying about your pet, and pick them up happy and healthy once the work is done.

Sending your pet to a quality pet resort is one of the kindest things you can do for them during home renovations or repairs. They’ll be on holiday while you deal with the stresses of the situation, and you’ll both feel better knowing they’re well cared for.

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What to Look for in a Quality Pet Resort

When looking for a quality pet resort, there are a few factors to consider. You want to make sure your furry friend will be in good hands while you’re handling home repairs.


Check what kind of lodging options they offer. Do they have different-sized spaces for pets of different sizes or activity levels? For example, larger spaces for bigger breeds or more energetic pets. You’ll want your pet to have adequate room to move around and access to the outdoors. See if they offer extras like raised beds, or climbing structures to keep them stimulated.


A good pet resort will offer services beyond just boarding. Things like grooming, training, socialisation and exercise are important. Make sure they walk, play with and give affection to the pets. Ask if they do group playtimes where pets can interact and play together in a controlled setting. Grooming services like bathing, nail trimming and brushing should also be available.


Don’t underestimate the importance of qualified, caring staff. They will be responsible for your pet’s well-being 24 hours a day. Meet with some of the staff to get a feel for how much they seem to genuinely care for the animals. Ask about their training and experience. The facility should also have veterinarian care available in case of any medical issues.


Ensure the resort has measures in place to keep your pet safe and secure. Proper fencing, security systems, fire alarms and emergency management plans are a must. They should also thoroughly screen all pets to ensure vaccinations are up to date before allowing them to interact with other dogs. Strict protocols for separating dogs of different sizes or temperaments should also be followed.

By finding a pet resort that ticks all these boxes, you can rest assured your faithful friend will want for nothing while you get your home repairs sorted. Your pet deserves a perfect getaway too!

Pet Resorts Australia: Luxury Accommodation for Your Furry Friend

Pet Resorts Australia offers luxury accommodation for your furry friend while your home is being repaired. We have locations across Australia with amenities and activities to keep your pet happy during their stay.

Accommodation Options

Pet Resorts Australia has various accommodation options based on your pet’s needs and your budget. Standard rooms provide a cosy space for your pet to rest, while luxury suites offer extra amenities for your fur babies. For more anxious pets, calming rooms use special lighting and music therapy to help keep them relaxed.

Nutritious Meals and Treats

Your pet will enjoy healthy meals every day. Dietary needs are catered to with options for various life stages and medical conditions. Treats and snacks are also provided to keep your pet’s energy levels up and their spirits high.

Exercise and Entertainment

In between meals and naps, your pet will have opportunities for exercise and play. Dogs can enjoy leash walks, swimming, agility courses and playtime with staff and other dogs. Cats have climbing structures, scratching posts, and interactive toys to bat around. Enrichment activities like puzzles, training, and grooming sessions are also available to stimulate your pet mentally and physically.

Care and Monitoring

Your pet’s health and safety are the top priority at Pet Resorts Australia. Vet care is available if needed, and all pets are closely monitored by trained staff. When repairs or renovations mean you have to leave home, Pet Resorts Australia provides a home away from home for your faithful companion. With our resort-style amenities and doting staff, your pet may not want to leave when the work is done! A stay at Pet Resorts Australia is a vacation your pet deserves.

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After all, your furry friend is part of the family too, so why should they have to suffer through the noise and chaos of home repairs? You’ve worked hard to provide them a comfortable life, and just because there’s been a bit of damage to the house doesn’t mean they should have to miss out. Pet Resorts Australia offers your pet a luxury getaway with quality care and attention so you can focus on getting things back in order.
When the repairs are done and you’re ready to bring your faithful companion home again, you’ll feel good knowing they were able to relax in style. They’ll likely come bounding in, refreshed from their little holiday, ready to explore all the changes to their space. You gave them the gift of a peaceful retreat, and the chance to avoid the stress of hammers and saws. Now isn’t that the kind of pampering every pet deserves? Send your furry family member off for a well-earned break – they’ll thank you for it when they come home.