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We are the proud sponsors of The Podcast for Pet Carers. A podcast about all things pet care, hosted by our very own General Manager Glenn Cooke! Check out the episodes below, or suscribe via your favourite podcast service.

Cat Behaviour and Care

In the pet care industry, dogs regularly manage to find themselves on centre stage. They are busy, active, noisy, and often very social. Because of this, they are focused on and studied more than most...

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The Benefits Of Grooming

Dog grooming has become a big business in the pet industry all over the world where people can take their pet dog for a tidy up or their show prospect for a complete make over to help catch the judges...

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The Effects Of Diet On Dogs Behaviour

In episode 3, we sat down with Narelle Cooke who is an accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, practicing not only with people but largely with people’s pet dogs. The episode focuses on t...

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Some Facts Around Canine Cough

Dealing with Canine Cough is one of the most annoying and dreaded viruses for any social dog-related business.  It only takes one dog to be patient zero, be asymptomatic and bring it to the premises ...

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The Benefits Of Training While Boarding Your Dog

When you go on holidays to the location of your dreams, even though you make time to organise the perfect room with, in house movies, spa bath and comfortable bed, do you spend the entire stay in the ...

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