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Some Facts Around Canine Cough

Dealing with Canine Cough is one of the most annoying and dreaded viruses for any social dog-related business.  It only takes one dog to be patient zero, be asymptomatic and bring it to the premises and you have a mini epidemic. Even though the virus itself is largely harmless, it can in some rare cases lead to something more serious, or it could be something different altogether which is why a vet should have a quick look. Not to mention it sounds terrible and scares owners who have never experienced it before.  Canine Cough has a loud honking or a repeated hacking cough, followed sometimes by a dry reach which is why it worries some owners.

Canine Cough is sometimes unfairly called kennel cough because it spreads faster in a kennel’s social environment.  That additionally makes people believe that Canine Cough lives in a kennel.  It doesn’t, in fact, it behaves much like what we have been experiencing with COVID-19. It can be passed on by saliva or mucous and can be atomised into the air from sneezing and coughing dogs. Canine Cough can be picked up in almost any places where dogs congregate such as parks, beaches, play areas, vet clinics, day care centres and boarding kennels. You can be unlucky and have your dog sniff or lick something that has another dog’s viral-loaded saliva and contract it that way.

In our latest episode of the Podcast for Pet Carers, we got to speak with Dr. Rainbow from Aussie Mobile Vets who has treated 100’s of cases of Canine Cough about her thoughts on the virus and her suggestions for pet owners when they are caring for a pet with the dreaded cough. Dr. Rainbow also informed us of some of the other conditions a dog may have which can also cause a coughing-like behaviour. Listen to the episode now for some really helpful advice on dealing with Canine Cough.

Listen to our Chief Training Officer, Glenn Cooke chat with Dr Rainbow from Aussie Mobile Vets about Canine Cough in the below episode featured on The Podcast for Pet Carers!

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