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The Importance Of Dog Training

Training your four-legged friend takes time and patience – from both dog and owner. However, taking the time to train your dog reaps many benefits, especially if you start from a young age. The benefits of a well-trained dog extend beyond having a dog who can sit and stay – keep reading to find out more.

A stronger bond between dog and owner

The process of dog training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Training your dog means that you are communicating more with your furry friend – and we all know communication is key in any relationship! Putting in extra effort with training during the early days ensures that you will enjoy a happier, more obedient and relaxed dog in the long run.

House rules

Not only will training benefit you and your dog, it can also do wonders for your home!

A well-trained dog means you can avoid your backyard turning into a landmine of holes and save your favourite pair of shoes from becoming your dog’s newest chew toy. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice with the blessing of a house-trained dog is that life is much easier when your four-legged friend takes their business outside.


Just like humans, dogs need a social life too! Attending puppy preschool or obedience classes introduces your dog to all kinds of canine friends and people. It is important for dogs to learn the do’s and don’ts of interacting with other dogs, as this will make future outings peaceful and enjoyable. Your social life will also get a boost! Heading to an obedience class or even your local dog park will put you in touch with more fellow dog owners.


Having a well-trained dog means a safer environment for yourself, friends and family. A dog that knows not to jump up on whoever is walking through your front door (no matter how excited they are) will save yourself and visitors from being scratched or knocked over. Not only is a well-trained dog safer for those around them; it is ultimately safer for the dog too. Having a dog that comes when called can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations.

At Pet Resorts Australia we are delighted to announce that our training partner, Canine Evolution offer a range of services to suit any of your training requirements. Contact them now to find out more and take your dog from ruff to refined!