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The Risks Of Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

Travelling or going away for the holidays is always a tough time for pet owners

If the thought of leaving them behind isn’t enough, you’re pressed with the decision of where to take them for the time you’re away. For dogs, it seems to be a slightly easier decision, as no animal lover would dare leave their precious pup home alone for longer than a day. For cats, however, we seem to think about things a bit differently.

They don’t need to be taken for walks each day, they can be trained to do their business inside a kitty litter box, and you can just fill up a food dispenser that will last the entire time you’re away, right?

Wrong. There are many risks involved with leaving your cat home alone; some of which loving pet owners might not have ever thought about before. We discuss them below.

In the case of an emergency

You never know what might happen to your cat if left alone for too long. Similar to toddlers and other animals, cats like to explore and experiment. Anything from their scratching post to their water dish to the lounge room couch can be hazardous if they are playful enough. But getting their claws stuck in threads is a minor emergency in the scheme of things. Other emergencies that could occur include:

– Choking on food
– Dehydration (if appropriate amounts of water are not left behind)
– Allergic reaction
– Sickness
– Eating a poisonous insect/vermin
– Medical emergencies such as UTI blockages, kidney failure etc

Loneliness is real

The stereotypical cat is a cranky-faced, temperamental being that doesn’t miss you or your family regardless of how long you go away for but in reality, this isn’t true. Cats have just as many feelings and emotions as other animals and will certainly notice if they are left alone longer than a day.

Further to this, studies have shown that lonely cats can spiral downwards relatively quickly – with depressive thoughts leading to the possibility of them no longer wanting to eat or drink.

Taking revenge

Have you ever been away for a weekend, only to return home to a lovely little pile of poop on your bedspread? This isn’t your cat being naughty or not knowing where to go to the bathroom – it’s them protesting you leaving them. If you often leave your cat alone, be wary of your cat’s behaviour. If they show signs of aggression, scratching, pooping where they’re not supposed to, unusual meowing, leaving ‘gifts’ on the floor (aka dead snakes, birds, mice) etc, it might be time to make a change in your schedule.

So what’s the best solution?

Checking your cat in for a pet resort holiday is the best way to ensure none of the above situations occur. Even if you’re only away overnight or on the weekend – it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

At Pet Resorts Australia, we have a variety of cat accommodation styles so you can choose the perfect place for your feline friend to stay while you’re away. Contact us today to have a chat about our accommodation options at your closest resort.