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The Benefits Of Training While Boarding Your Dog

When you go on holidays to the location of your dreams, even though you make time to organise the perfect room with, in house movies, spa bath and comfortable bed, do you spend the entire stay in the room?  Or do you make plans to partake in the local tourist attractions, invest in some water sports, find interesting cuisines etc.

It’s quite unusual to spend all that time just staying indoors for long periods of time.  This is why we as specialists in pet care encourage owners to consider activities for their dogs while they are boarding with us, such as training.  The benefits of training while boarding your dog is significant as it provides so many positive advantages.

It provides the dog with the mental and physical stimulation while working with their trainer, the ability to learn additional skills or to improve on sticking points. In addition to this, the dog feels more comfortable, has much more human companionship and returns to you with improved behaviour.

This is why we are so passionate in our recommendations for these activities to take place as they have so many benefits, including reducing stress.

We have to talk about stress here for a moment because when owners think about their dogs being stressed, it makes them stress and feel guilty about leaving their pets behind.  So instead of going away to relax and unwind, we create a negative feedback loop and end up worrying more.

The good news is we don’t need to feel this way as it’s something we anticipate and manage. Stress is normal to change and will happen regardless.  The trick here is to keep stress to a minimum by providing as many positive experiences as possible during your pets stay.

So now we have put things in perspective, it can help you enjoy your well-deserved break more by knowing that your beloved dog can enjoy a range of activities and essential skills with our certified training staff.

To learn more about training while boarding your dog, you can speak directly with one of our trainers through our partners, Canine Evolution who can provide you with a list of training options we offer that will enhance your dog’s stay.

Listen to our Chief Training Officer, Glenn Cooke chat all things training while boarding your dog in the below episode featured on The Podcast for Pet Carers!

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